Crumbs for the Journey

Crumbs for the Journey

Waiting in Anticipation!!

Pat O’Connor – Official Crumb Scatterer!

My Hope is to share wisdom gained from decades of caring for people and just plain living on our shared planet. I desire to bring enrichment to the lives of those who visit this page by means of providing clarity, compassion and affirmation. Please join me, while we journey through life, dropping crumbs along the way to find our way home again.

One of my happy places!

My History

What to say? I am a mom, a wife, a friend, sister, daughter, neighbor, an Amma, a mother in law, a sister in law, a writer, gardener, kayaker, hiker, and nurse practitioner – that ‘s just the crescent thumbnail sketch!

I have spent my medical career working in hospice/palliative care and as a primary care provider. I have thoroughly loved my career, have learned much from my continuing education – formally and informally. Wisdom? It has been my distinct honor to sit at bedside, kitchen table, living room, hospital, and office and learn from people who are facing major life struggles, including their own death or that of their loved ones. The words shared at these times have been profoundly meaningful – they have informed my life. I would like to share my knowledge and wisdom with others, so I am creating this blog!!

You were always able to provide the most practical and caring advice, in an understanding way. I know my good health and happiness were the result of your care for me. Over the years, I’ve so valued my experiences with you as my health care provider. . . your kindness, patience, knowledge. gentle way. listening. . . “

A Patient