Carol Died This Morning. . .

Carol died.
Carol – my dad’s neighbor
The loving woman next door –
Who said, “Just knock
On your dad’s bedroom wall
If you need us.”
Who let us know just a couple of weeks ago
That she had heard a thud –
Worried that Dad had fallen
He had – but was okay
Her bedroom was closer than ours.

Carol died.
Carol – a warm, generous soul.
I shall never eat berries again
Without thinking of her and smiling.
When I was visiting, she often brought or sent over
Fresh berries – washed and ready to eat.

Carol died.
Carol – an authentically caring person
Not fluff, mind you
Carol was brash, funny
And completely sincere
I heard she ran a hospital gift shop which was shut during COVID
On her own time,
She opened it during the holiday season
For employees to shop.
I worked in a hospital during COVID
At times, we would duck into the gift shop
Just to browse for 5 minutes
Maybe buy some happy socks
To feel normal
For a few minutes
A shelter from the maelstrom
Carol gave that
Carol cared.

Carol died.
Carol also lived
She lived knowing life would end
Who creates a blue onyx tiled shower?
It is gorgeous
She got to enjoy it for a couple of weeks
But her philosophy about it was profound in reflection
“You can’t take it with you, may as well enjoy!”
She declared with a big smile!

Carol, in my limited time in your presence,
I came to know you as
A vivacious, take charge, pragmatic person
Generous and caring.

Now COVID has claimed you
Shortened your life
Taken another person
Left yet another void

Sadness permeates our world
Holes are left in so many homes
Hearts broken with painful, jagged edges

Sadness, for some, morphs into anger
Anger to hate.
People pick sides
Find someone to blame
Something to fight about
Because it is scary and hard to feel sad
But sad we must
For Sad we are.
Sadness cloaked by anger
Does not soften
Does not go away
It only destroys

COVID has created untold suffering
It is not merely numbers
Though, sometimes, we cannot fathom the lives
So we merely hear the numbers.

Carol died.
I am saddened for her family
Her friends, her neighbors
And our world.
I pray that Love find a way to comfort
Find a way to unite
I pray that COVID ends
That it be no more
No more death, suffering, dividing, isolating

Carol died this morning
I am sad
I am thankful to have known her
Even the short time that I did
The world has lost another
Beautiful human being.

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