Seedling Choice

Oh, Happy Day! The heirloom tomato seeds have sprouted The first set of real leaves are present It’s time!! They get to stretch their branches Sink further their roots Even sprout adventitious roots As they are planted into new rich soil In their new homes. But there is angst Dwelling with joy Mingling with life.Continue reading “Seedling Choice”


The trees stand sentry Offering themselves As holders of the bodies The earth, dry and dusty, Hardened clay Or fertile soil Lies ready To receive, To embrace The boxed bodies. The flowers contribute their beauty Brightly colored Spreading scent of life Hiding ugliness of death. What do I have to give? Can my tears sootheContinue reading “Lamentations”

Did He Know?

He humbly rode a donkey. He came victoriously. He came in peace. The crowds called “Hosanna!” He was exalted as “King of Israel” They carpeted his path with their cloaks and green branches They waved palm fronds The symbol of victory, triumph, peace and eternal life. He traveled to Jerusalem To celebrate the feast ofContinue reading “Did He Know?”

Reaching the Summit

Scaling that peak The one looming Seemingly within reach, Around the next corner Until you look up And see there is still more to go Much more Hitting a wall Slumping down to the pebbled ground You take a drink of precious water Breathe deeply Gulping in the thin air Retying your shoes And risingContinue reading “Reaching the Summit”

Navigating Life’s Final Journey – Review

My book has been published for a few weeks now. I am elated with the response it has received. It has been my dream to write a book to help inform people in order that they and their loved ones might be able to attain more control and choice as they approach the end ofContinue reading “Navigating Life’s Final Journey – Review”

Human Spirit

Our physical beings Are so fragile So vulnerable Our physical life As we have come to know it Can change instantaneously A fall A nearby sneeze Droplets landing indiscriminately An infection Mild or life changing Any number of circumstances Most beyond our control Can end or alter our physical life At any moment. Motor vehicleContinue reading “Human Spirit”

Merely a Vessel

9am 9/8/2021 Dad’s living room A mere 16 months ago I thought it was 2 years! Finally, it is complete Later today, we pick up 300 copies Of my book! It is a culmination Of wisdom and knowledge gained Over 4+ decades Of service 4 decades of listening, Caring, educating, Relieving suffering, Telling truth AndContinue reading “Merely a Vessel”


Just a quick note to share some exciting news!! For the past two years, I have been writing a book. It has arisen from my over 4 decades working as a nurse/nurse practitioner. Through writing, I am able to indulge my passion to work to empower people to make their own decisions about how theyContinue reading “Announcement!!”


Can COVID “ruin” Christmas? Can war “ruin” Christmas? Can migrants beseeching entry “ruin” Christmas? How about the cost to heat our homes? The dearth of the stock market? The suffering which abounds in our world today? ~ Christmas The birth of Love Love in human form The Christ. ~ What can destroy love? What canContinue reading “Christmas”


Brilliant white cloaking the yard Resting upon branches Bringing beauty to the stark winter woods Animal footprints Tracing a path As they search for sustenance Ending at the Crab Apple Tree White frosting clinging to tree trunks Set against grey sky Winter The snow muffles sound Giving us pause As roads are cleared And firesContinue reading “Peace”