Still Room for Joy

There is still room for joy

Amidst the weeds

Of violence, disease, and hate

There is still abundant room for joy

People still fall in love

Birds still sing and chirp
Water still bubbles and tumbles

Over rock laden stream bed

Clouds still grace the robin’s egg sky

Leaving wisps of lovely as they fade away

The breeze still blows fresh breaths of air

Cooling tonic for hard working bodies

Loons continue calling

One to the other

In protection and connection

The trees still bow to the wind

Their leaves fluttering joyfully

Children’s eyes continue to light up and dance

 As they chase butterflies in flight.

There is still room for joy

Pause, look around, and listen attentively

Open to the joy

See the brilliant green of new growth on the cypress shrub

The green of hope.

Allow the healing power

Of nature, love and kindness

Expressed in varied ways

To wash aside

If just for a moment

The sadness, strife, hopelessness, worry and fear

Allow the joy to permeate your soul

Making the world a bit brighter

Pushing back the weeds

Making room for joy.

7 thoughts on “Still Room for Joy

  1. My favorite to date……. Thank you! Elaine and I are visiting family in New Hampshire and Vermont for just a short while then I’m heading back to Oregon for a bit….. we should/must catch up…… perhaps as the “dust settles”….. 😊. Love to you and Tom…. (Elaine says “hi”)….

    Stephen Rust


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