The Benedictines

Their smiles radiate warmth and love
Their courage steadfast 
As they persevere in serving
However they are able
But they are aging.
Their hospitality remains beyond compare
In keeping with their vows,
They welcome with open arms
Providing warm, comfortable beds
Peace-filled rooms
Nurturing, tasty meals
Tea and coffee ever ready.

The nuns of today
Are mostly survivors from yesteryear
Few are coming forth
To take their place
To care for them
As they cared for their predecessors

The days of 500 nuns
Living in the Yankton monastery
And others like it
Are past

The massive bread oven remains
Once providing home made sustenance for the breaking of the bread
At hospital, college and monastery
Now must limit to monastery alone
The oven which for some reason paused my breathing
As I stood before it in awe – 
Five rotating shelves 
Baking loaves upon loaves
Still functioning
Baking delicious bread
Created though by the hard work 
Of fewer and fewer nuns

They pray.
They pray for us all
For our world
They have lived lives of service
Who will serve them?
They have given much
Our hospitals, schools and so much more

I believe
The nuns, the sisters
Have been moulding our world
Mostly for the better
For decades now.

We do not know 
What is the power of their prayer
We are not even aware
The many ways they have served

I hope we never need to learn
What our world would be 
Without their service
Without their prayers
Without their love.

Thank you, Benedictine Nuns
Thank you, nuns and sisters all!!

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