Pandemic Pondering

The Suffering sprouting from COVID

Extends far beyond the reach of microbes

 There are divisions caused by beliefs

Do we shutdown?

Do we mask?

Do we immunize?

Differences grown monumental

Attached to basic beliefs –

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


Politicians fanning flames of division

Creating resentment, anger

Even hate.


There is NO denying

The Suffering

Without intentional blindness

Without coldness of heart.


We may lay blame for that suffering

In varied places

On varied shores

But suffering there is.


Suffering of separation

In times of despair, illness

even death.


Suffering of illness

Undiagnosed during isolation

Gaining strength

Ravaging health.

Suffering of fear

Stripping our humanity

Robbing our sleep

Blocking our compassion


Suffering of financial loss

Businesses closing

Jobs lost

Rent, mortgages unpaid

Food lines growing.


Suffering of disease

Weakness, frailty

Loss of breath

At times even death

Too many times.


There are lights flickering in this darkness

Flames I have witnessed

Flames of hope that humanity is not lost.


The kindness of nurses

Irrespective of for whom they are caring

They offer kindness and compassion


Caring eyes above the mask

With tear-filled resolve to keep going.

The courage they demonstrate

By showing up

By being present

By caring, always caring.


The hand on the arm of the grieving wife

Placed ever so gently, lovingly

The confident way they guide

The people so filled with fear and confusion


Families – separated for weeks

As COVID is fought in hospital room

Couples married for decades now apart

Then rejoined briefly

To say goodbye.


I have handed these fragile people

Over to nurses

Confident, caring, courageous, competent nurses

There is no greater honor.


There are flames of hope

In our world,

Our nation,

Our state,

Our community,

Our hospitals,

Our homes.


I stand in testimony and gratitude to nurses everywhere.

I am proud to call you sister, brother,


I am ever grateful for the work you do.

I pray you are given the strength to steadfastly carry on!







2 thoughts on “Pandemic Pondering

  1. Well said. It’s too political now and a crutch for taking a stand for the wrong reasons. Hopefully as things return to “normal” humans will realize what’s important.
    Thank you to the nurses of the world!


  2. Very moving! Thank you to all my nursing colleagues for your commitment and personal sacrifices for so many of us! You are our heroes!


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