Morning Light

Morning Light A fresh beginning Awash with possibilities A clean canvas On which to paint The life of my choosing A fresh beginning Yesterday’s missteps released and Warmed by the rising of today’s sun I embark upon my day A fresh beginning Each step imbued with hope Going forward into the unknown I stand onContinue reading “Morning Light”

Celtic Imbolc

Halfway! We made it halfway! The midpoint is here This very day marks The approach way to spring. We have endured winter’s worst The dark tunnel Of cold, grey isolation The frigid air That burns your cheeks And freezes your nose hairs The furnace running and running Dollar signs spinning As the oil tank emptiesContinue reading “Celtic Imbolc”

Pandemic Pondering

The Suffering sprouting from COVID Extends far beyond the reach of microbes  There are divisions caused by beliefs Do we shutdown? Do we mask? Do we immunize? Differences grown monumental Attached to basic beliefs – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness   Politicians fanning flames of division Creating resentment, anger Even hate.   ThereContinue reading “Pandemic Pondering”