Frannie Preserve – Restorer of Peace

A gentle breeze
Caressing skin
Soothing soul
Heart softening, slowly
Time Away
Nature’s healing potion
Applied to weary soul

Butterflies guiding our path
Flitting to and fro – circling our heads
Dancing – for us?
Longwing Zebra, Gulf Fritillary
Welcoming us home - to our better selves
Rejoining pieces 
Torn asunder – by caregiving, by COVID 

Tri-colored Heron standing tall
Gracefully soaring
At peace beside turtle copse 

Ibis hunting at water’s edge
Offering tender, loving eyes
Holding gaze
Touching soul 

Palm trees
Spreading fronds
Sheltering from heat
Giving reprieve

All is reprieve
Salve for wounded spirit
Beaten down by so much that is hard
So much suffering in our world
Now soaking up this healing place
Full of glorious, restorative nature. 

Strong legged alligator
Shiny midnight black skin
Lying peacefully at water’s edge
Threatening only in his sheer size and appearance
An alligator after all
I am awed by his mere presence

Balance, beauty
Gratitude for this time of retreat
This time of joy
Time spent with nature and loving companions
I give thanks.

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