Akin to opening a new writing pad
A new sketchbook
Standing in front of a blank canvas atop an easel
Inhaling the scent of a pile of new wood, awaiting chisel
Feeling the squish of fresh clay through caressing fingers
Rubbing your pregnant belly, feeling the kick, the hiccup

Moments of anticipation, hope, expectation.  
The freedom of fresh start, new beginning
Releasing self from burdens past –
Old wounds, mistakes, from that which feels unsalvageable.

Standing at a precipice
An entryway
The threshold to the future
Beginning with now

What will cross that threshold?
Can we release the past ~
The roles played, the disappointments, the wounds?
Can we set them down
Creating open hands, open heart free to accept – even embrace
That which life now presents?
Can we open our eyes to gaze forward ~
Informed by the past
But not blinded? 

Can we open our hearts to love all
To share our gifts freely
While honoring
Our own truths, our own delight?

A New Year
A Fresh Page.

Let us all discover in it
Our best selves
Fulfill our highest desires
And venture forward in love!

Our broken world,
So many broken hearts,
Just might begin to slowly heal
One threshold step at a time.

Joyous New Year!

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