In This Moment

In this moment,
Exist the moments of a millennia
More, more than a millennia
But who’s counting?

In this moment,
There exists
The spirit of untold peoples
Whose stories lie dormant
Whose voices rest silent

In this moment,
Exists the soil of generations
Raped, pillaged, 
Nurtured, treasured
Created, destroyed
The soil of our time
The soil becoming our food
Our sustenance

In this moment,
Exists air from breath
Of each being
Who came before 
Who sighed, who exhaled
Breath of the great, the famous,
The mighty, the minuscule
Of saints, sailors and seductresses
Of demons, devils and debutantes
Of our grandparents, parents, ancestors,
Our children and all creatures
Domestic, farm and wild

In this moment, 
we breathe air
cleansed by centuries
Of green growth -
Plants exhaling life
Giving of their life 
to nurture, sustain others

In this moment,
Shines the sun
As it has shone
Upon our planet
For every previous generation

In this moment,
Shine the stars
Hidden now, by light of day

In this moment,
I exist.
Small, insignificant?
Or a thread of the fiber of existence?
In this moment,
I hold within my mortal being
The hopes, dreams, heartache
And suffering
Of humanity gone before.

In this moment,
It is my turn
To recognize my gifts
To create myself anew,
Finding truth, delight and meaning
As I live out my turn
In this beautiful world.

In this moment,
All I must do 
Is breathe in
The energy all around
Breathe out
Breath transformed.

In this moment, 
I bow down
In respect and awe
I raise my eyes
In supplication and love
I open my hands and heart
In humble offering
As I put pen to paper.
In this moment.

5 thoughts on “In This Moment

  1. My favorite yet.

    Elaine Rust Executive Domestic Administrator Parent/Deaf Advocate Teacher, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist BA Biology, BS Medical Technology, MA Curriculum and Instruction HQ Elementary Ed, Gifted Ed, Biology 603.573.6797 (V/T) ________________________________

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