Celtic Imbolc

We made it halfway!
The midpoint is here
This very day marks
The approach way to spring.

We have endured winter’s worst
The dark tunnel
Of cold, grey isolation
The frigid air
That burns your cheeks
And freezes your nose hairs

The furnace running and running
Dollar signs spinning
As the oil tank empties

Bravely, courageously
We ventured deeper and deeper 
Into the quiet of winter

But now – we have hit nadir
We have touched bottom
And look to begin 
An upward ascent

We look toward the light
The sun higher in the sky
The days lengthening
The seeds of hope and life
Arriving in the mail
Knowing Faith in the future
Planning gardens
Getting ready

We have made it halfway!
Was there life, happiness
On our journey inward?
Did we allow quiet and dark
To nest within us?
Did we hear 
The groanings of the earth
As she rested and healed?
Did we enter the dark,
Allow it to be? 
Did we claim our own darkness
Stay with it, accept it
As it transformed us? 
Did we, in the quiet, allowed all our parts
To join, heal and be made whole?

As we look to spring
Can we embrace winter  
As we release it?
Feel the quiet
Find peace, not fear in the dark
Wrap ourselves in a blanket
Of love
Knowing we are loved.
Can we, in faith 
Find peace as we release fear?

Delight touches our souls
As the days lengthen
The sun shines warmer
Melting our darkness

Are we ready to fully re-enter life
Spring life
Full of resurrection
Green sprouts,
Budding trees, gurgling brooks
Melting snow
Creating water for new growth?

Rest now –
Welcome these remaining days of quiet
As we ready 
For new life once again!

Happy Imbolc*!

*Imbolc is celebrated on the Celtic Calendar on February 1st.  It marks the time when the Earth begins to awaken and things start to grow as we move toward the light half of the year.

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