Ocean’s Allure


Scaling footpath up the dunes


Breath paused in awe

Raging waves breaking onto shore

Foam residue blowing across the beach

Sounds of power

Music of dance

Healing drumming of cascading water


Eyes fixed on

the infinite horizon of ocean

Icy waters surround me unannounced

Frosty water filling my snow sneakers

Thankful for my hiking pants and wool socks

I back onto  the shore


Joy fills my heart

Grandchildren delighting

In ocean dance

Lying unencumbered

On the foamy bed of sand.


Dogs running free

Playing together

Embracing the lure of the sea

Entering fully into the watery world


Eagle flies overhead

Breath is taken once again

As I gaze upwards in deepest admiration

Of its beauty, size, and majesty


The wind whips the sand

Swirling in the air

The wintry cold freezes the foam

The beach is ours to enjoy

For, who else would choose

To enter the frozen tundra

Of Maine’s winter beach!


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