The unimaginable game of a man
 Senseless destruction of lives

Lives of Ukrainians
Defending their homeland,
Their way of life,
Their families and 
The world as they know it

Lives of Russians
Powerful brainwashing
What did he say? 
What did he threaten 
To embolden young men and women
To attack, unprovoked a neighbor country?
Miles of tanks
Driven by Russians
How did he plant the seeds
Of kill, destroy, inflict carnage?
What evil lurks within?

How do we crush this malevolence
Without embodying evil ourselves?

The world is uniting
In rejection of this heinous action
Loving generosity is exploding
In retaliation
Some Russian citizens have resisted
The embrace of evil
Are risking lives and freedom
To renounce this action of their leader 
And his minions

Prayer seems so small, so insignificant
In the presence of military might

However, prayer can fuel love
Can bring strength to hearts suffering 
across the world
Prayer can fight evil
It is not all we can do
It is the best we can do
It will inspire and direct wisdom
And any chosen action will be the fruit of that wisdom

May the power of love surround and empower good in this world.


5 thoughts on “War

  1. Powerful words chosen with care, targeting the truth of this horrific war, leading us to the power of prayer. Thank you, Pat.


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