Good Friday Lamentation


Good Friday

Christians around the world

Recall the crucifixion of Christ

The day is sad, woeful

A sense of lingering doom

Clouds the day

As Death is anticipated


It is not always that way

I have sat beside many people

As they stand watch

Their loved one approaching death

They remain alert in Gethsemane and Upon the hill of Calvary


I have been privileged

To witness much joy

As people share stories;

Laughter segues into tears

And time stands still

As minutes stretch to days

Awaiting the last breath


I have never felt that joy on Good Friday

The joy is always reserved for Easter Sunday

The bells of joy and Hallelujah

Ring Out

“Khrystos Voskres!”

“Voistynu Voskres!”

Christ is Risen

Truly He is Risen


But Jesus was murdered

Hung on a cross to die

Silenced by death

For his seditious act

Of spreading Love.


There is no joyful anticipation

Of violent death

It is not a release from suffering

Nor an ending to a full life well lived

It is life stolen.


I imagine there is no joy to be found

On the battlefield

The demolished cities of Ukraine

Places of such death and destruction

Evil incarnate

The path of a  rampage of hate


So, as we anticipate Christ’s death

As we walk in our minds

The passion story once again

Let us hold in our hearts

All those whose lives are being torn apart

By evil brutality


Let us pray for an end

To their suffering

Let us pray

For conversion of evil

Let us pray for an Easter Resurrection

Within each suffering person

Within our troubled world.

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