Tender Shoot

I am at a Writer’s Retreat at Mercy By the Sea in CT.  We were given a writing prompt with instruction to choose the paper that “called out to you” and write about it!  We had 10 minutes.  Here is my “offering”!!

Tender Shoots

The fragile green of new life
Bright with possibility and vitality
The green of tender shoots
Emerging from the dark
Exposed now to sun and water
Wind and love
The shoots of promise,
Of anticipation, of life unto death
The green of new grass, new leaves
All eagerly awaiting warmth
And longer days
As they emerge unafraid.

Can we ever return
To that state of new, fresh, and eager?
Can we ever release fear,
Distrust and sadness
And embrace our new growth
Nurture our tender shoots
Receive the Son, the warmth, the light.
Drink the Water of Life?


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