A topic laden with emotion
Soggy with defeat
Or pregnant with possibility

Cease the frenetic pace of life
Curl up on the couch
Lay back in an easy chair
Sip a cup of hot tea
Take a refreshing swig of a cold beer
Read a novel
Take a walk
Retire – Begin leisure time
More moments to call your own
Snuggle with a loved one

However, there can be grief held within the word
Retire--Worn out
Used up 
Put to pasture
Devoid of worth and meaning
Once Contributing so much 
Impacting lives
Earning the esteem of others
Gone ended

Old treads worn thin 
Rolling over that rubber
Day after week
After month
After year
After decade, decade, decade, decade and more

My tread wore thin
I gave all of me
And it was good
I loved my work
I loved it

But now
I can re-tire
Not sit on a shelf
Merely retire my career
Lay down my vocation

No more knuckle clenching drives
Down Route 89 on ice covered roads
No more conflict
No more
Struggling to preserve the “old ways”
Ways of compassion, human kindness, healing
And placing
People before profit.

Time to re-tire
New treads to ride
Windows wide open
Fresh air replacing stagnant
Breathing freely again!!

Time to write that book
To pull it out of the hidden recesses of my brain
The secret chambers of my heart
Where it has waited
Not so patiently
Time to reach people in a different way
Still healing  
Still teaching
Still comforting

Time to nurture life
Grow my Garden of Delight
Nurture the Pollinator Garden
Cook home grown meals
Can summer’s offering to nurture winter days

Time to be present
With my wonderful husband
Our lives joined later in life
We aim to maximize these remaining years

Time to enjoy the grand kids
They are truly
A Joy I do not want to miss out on

Time to relish the children and their spouses
They are not children
But incredible adults
Contributing much to this world

Time to be at the ready
For family, friends, community
Time to relish our magnificent world
This most generous, precious gift
Given by a loving Creator

Time to photograph the beauty
To protect our lakes
To fill my soul with 
The treasures which abound on this most awesome planet 
we get to call home

New priorities
New life
New freedoms, opportunities
The tree of my life
Has been pruned
I marvel in expectation 
As, with gratitude and appreciation,
I watch for spurts of new growth!

4 thoughts on “Re-tire!

  1. A new chapter for you; for the people you meet.
    You may have retired from your career as an advanced nurse practitioner and a leader in palliative care, but you’re not done healing, my love.
    This is the sequel to your vocation and man, what a lucky world!

    Liked by 1 person

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