On sunny days
Shadows become apparent for all to see
Walking along
Standing at water’s edge
Darkness passes over me
Momentarily removed from the light,
I look up
A butterfly!
Something else, larger this time
Soars overhead
Casting its shadow across my path
Grateful for the “heads up”
I look skyward
An eagle
A heron
A loon
A merganser
A mallard
Shadows announcing 
Nature’s inhabitants
Shadows giving pause
And cause to look up
Shadows obscuring light
Shadows present with us always
Especially known on sunny days

Cast by the green leaved canopy of the maple
Cooling, giving place for rest

Present on sunny days and moon filled nights
Shadows of ourselves
Holding truth and pain
Maybe secrets unknown to even self
Shadow self
Containing mysteries 
Keys to knowledge
Of fully human self
Shadow self
Our darker side
Shake hands with shadow
Embrace, welcome
Our shadows
Intimate parts of who we are
Always present whether seen or not.

Maybe, if we truly see them
It will give us pause
It will give us cause
To look Up
And understand.

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