Sacred Wounds

We all bear wounds

They mark suffering we have borne

Suffering we are bearing

Wounds, when sacred

Can reach into the soul

Wounds can open us

To our world

To humanity

To mortality

To a strength beyond our knowing

To find that passageway

You merely need to probe the tender

Gently, with compassion

Touch, Explore the wound you carry

Where does it go to?

What gives it power to cause suffering?

What mysteries may lie

Under the ineffective scar

Which we present to the world?

Sacred Wounds

Explore with curiosity

And compassion

Wallow not in the pain

But feel it, see it, and touch it

With a heart of compassion

Then, embracing it

As a part of you

Carry on


In your wounds, your suffering

There can be found

Wisdom, acceptance and forgiveness

Of self

Which brings to the world

Compassion, understanding and kindness

Sacred Wounds

Don’t run

Don’t hide

Be present and listen

To the wisdom of the wound

Breathe and accept

The healing power of the wound.

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