Future Desires

Images which bring joy

Images which send a thrill

Exploding from toes

To fingertips

When allowed full focus

Images calling our hearts

Pulling, reaching into the inner most recesses

Crevices buried under

Grief, disappointment, fear, heart ache and so much more

Reaching and finding a spark


Patiently waiting

For oxygen to be breathed in

For spark to become flame

As passion ignites


How to begin

To even explore

To untether our minds

And dare to reach

Beyond our safe grasp

To dare to reach


We may not succeed

The first time,

Or the second

Or even the third.

Acknowledging our dreams

Takes courage

Exposes vulnerability

While welcoming possibility

Dreams can fester and die

Never brought to light

But always present

Even as a microscopic glimmer

A firefly in a sky decorated with

Galaxies and constellations

Find the courage

To welcome your dreams

Find the vision

To search your soul

Find the moment

In the quiet of your tender heart

To seek for that which is hidden

Pushed down

In the busyness of life

The restraints of reality

Find the firefly

Welcome it, nurture it

And step toward the dream

To my dear husband,

I stand in awe

Of your courage

I salute your tenacity

And I rejoice and celebrate

The reaching of your Dream!

Soar on, Pilot Tom!

7 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. These words struck a chord with me. It seemed like I was only pursuing a goal but you really captured the spirit of this adventure. It wouldn’t have been possible without your deep support. You are very special.

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