Life, Deaths and Resurrections

The Paschal Mystery it is called

In the Catholic Tradition

We live

We suffer

We live again, but differently

We are somehow changed.

How do we embrace the sufferings?

Embrace the deaths?

Knowing, trusting

They are a part of our journey

Leading to true wholeness

To Resurrection

It makes no sense in the moment

As we grieve

Suffering through loss, pain

It makes no sense

That there could be found

A greater healing; a new life

That we could attain a greater whole

As we embrace, accept

And trust

In the path of Mercy.

The dark times

Can seem unending

But, if we can reach out a hand

A smile, a kind word, a loving thought

As we journey our paths

Separate while joined

We might be a thread in anotherโ€™s resurrection

Sharing our light

In even the smallest way

May bring hope

May help dispel the darkness

Sending in a fragment of life

A firefly to breakthrough the darkness.

May we trust in the mercy of Life

As we travel our own Paschal Mysteries

May we have faith in resurrection

Just as the fragile greens of spring

Open to the lush beauty of summer

As autumns flowers and foliage fade

Into the grays and browns of winter

As the frigid cold and ice cocoon us inside

Until spring arrives once again

So, too, do we travel

Through life, death and resurrection

With each cycle we can journey further

Toward our better, more authentic selves

With each rebirth may we know

greater peace, love and acceptance

May we find hope!

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