Brilliant white cloaking the yard
Resting upon branches
Bringing beauty to the stark winter woods
Animal footprints
Tracing a path
As they search for sustenance
Ending at the Crab Apple Tree

White frosting clinging to tree trunks 
Set against grey sky

The snow muffles sound
Giving us pause
As roads are cleared
And fires tended
We gather by the fire
Warming hands
Watching flames leap
Coals radiating intense heat

The peace of winter
Moments to pause
To reflect
On the beauty
And preciousness of life
Moments of gratitude
For shelter, heat, nourishment
And love

The peace of winter
Birds visit the feeders
Bringing glimpses of color
As they feast

Holiday lights strung upon rooftops,
On windowsills
Candles lit
Awaiting birth
Announcing Miracle of Light
Bringing hope and beauty to our winter world

Pause the frenetic pace
Of holiday preparations
And breathe
Breathe in the beauty, the peace
The quiet joy
In our winter world

Let peace fill your soul
Warm your heart, your being
And radiate out to our winter world!

Happy Hannukah!
Merry Christmas!!!

14 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Oh Pat I just read some of your writings about women’s rights and the sad state of our world when a piece of metal is protected more than a child in school or in church at the movies practically anywhere. Someone has to lead us out of this terrible situation. Thank you for your words ❤️

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