Merely a Vessel

 Dad’s living room 
A mere 16 months ago
I thought it was 2 years!

Finally, it is complete
Later today, we pick up 300 copies
Of my book!
It is a culmination 
Of wisdom and knowledge gained
Over 4+ decades
Of service
4 decades of listening,
Caring, educating,
Relieving suffering,
Telling truth
And giving choices
4 decades of conversations

Labor is over now
Today is delivery day.
So, I lie awake wondering
Is it enough?
Will people benefit from reading it?
Will they hear and understand
That which I passionately believe?
Has it come through 
In the words I have written
And rewritten and rewritten
More times than I care to count
Beta Readers
A fabulous editor
So much has gone into
This sixteen-month gestation.
Today it will be born
No more revisions
No more corrections
So tonight, I am a bit concerned
Like the Christmas Gift
The really special one
That you put your heart and soul into
You are excited to give it
But tremulous also
How will it be received?
This book is my gift
To people everywhere
In hopes it will bring them
Comfort, clarity, meaning and choices
As they face the prospect
Of Life’s Final Journey.
A journey we shall all face

So, as I release this creation
I whisper a prayer
That I have done justice to the topic
That I have honored the hundreds (? thousands) of patients
Who have allowed me to accompany them
On their journeys

I send my words out into the world
Knowing, I am merely a vessel
Meant to pour out for others
What has been given to me
May the words be a blessing 
To all who receive them.


4 thoughts on “Merely a Vessel

  1. Important messages of lessons or truth are never easy to deliver publicly. There will be naysayers but remember the words of Teddy Roosevelt:
    “Far better it is to try great things even though checkered by failure; than to take rank with those poor spirits that live in the gray twilight that knows not victory not defeat!”
    You must keep your head high, walk tall and charge on! The journey has only just begun…

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