Just a quick note to share some exciting news!! For the past two years, I have been writing a book. It has arisen from my over 4 decades working as a nurse/nurse practitioner. Through writing, I am able to indulge my passion to work to empower people to make their own decisions about how they want to live the final stages of their lives! It is called Navigating Life’s Final Journey Conversations, Choices, Resources

I am picking up the books on Monday! You can learn more about the book and order on my website

or Facebook page Patricia O’Connor, APRN

I hope to put up a picture of the book itself on Monday!!!

6 thoughts on “Announcement!!

  1. Absolutely fantastic! I am so proud of you – my wife!
    You have achieved a huge goal and now it’s time to move on to the next step of sharing your passion and knowledge with all that need it.
    Ten years ago I met you and we became friends; now, I can’t imagine waking up without you!

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