Navigating Life’s Final Journey – Review

My book has been published for a few weeks now. I am elated with the response it has received. It has been my dream to write a book to help inform people in order that they and their loved ones might be able to attain more control and choice as they approach the end of their life. I have received wonderful feedback which has confirmed for me that the book is providing the information and encouragement it was intended to give!

Here is a sample of one of the reviews. Remember you can purchase a book through my website

Navigating Life’s Final Journey is a well written book about preparing to face life’s final journey.  Pat writes from years of personal experience in the field of palliative care.   She stresses the importance of communication and decision-making by family members. The real-life stories she shares stress the point that there comes a time in life when exit can be welcome.  Things that need to be discussed and planned for are covered in detail with many options explained.  Death does not always need to be prolonged when the person passing is struggling to an uncomfortable lifestyle that makes everything difficult and unnecessary for all involved.  The book is full of helpful, thought-provoking stories and helpful information.  Take time to read it and share ideas with your family and friends who have loved ones with Heaven in sight.  
Janis I.

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