Reaching the Summit

Scaling that peak
The one looming
Seemingly within reach,
Around the next corner
Until you look up 
And see there is still more to go
Much more

Hitting a wall
Slumping down to the pebbled ground
You take a drink of precious water
Breathe deeply
Gulping in the thin air
Retying your shoes
And rising
You push on 
Toward that lofty goal.

The art show
A one-woman exhibit
In a high-ceilinged expansive gallery
As I entered through the mahogany doors
The beauty and meaning overtook me
My jaw literally dropped.

There were no more false precipices
This was the peak.

Across the vast space, I was struck by the dance
Of the slender white birds
Flying, prancing, strutting
Displayed in a manner
Deserving of their beauty.
The Pinnacle reached.

People milling about
Greeting each other warmly
No pandemic
No war
No hate
No politics
No sickness
Merely and truly beauty.
Young mixing with old
Love filling the space
Family together to celebrate the artist
Along with friends and strangers

A wonderful, wonder-filled evening
A celebration well-earned
Spirit Truly Took Flight
And the view from the top
Was breath taking!
Spirit Taking Flight
Colleen O’Connor Exhibit
Hoxie Gallery Westerly Library Westerly Rhode Island
 Month of March

5 thoughts on “Reaching the Summit

  1. Well said Pat. There is so much beauty and wonderful stuff out there and we don’t hear enough of it.
    Thank you for a breath of fresh air!


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