The trees stand sentry
Offering  themselves
As holders of the bodies

The earth, dry and dusty,
Hardened clay
Or fertile soil
Lies ready 
To receive,
To embrace
The boxed bodies.

The flowers contribute their beauty
Brightly colored
Spreading scent of life
Hiding ugliness of death.

What do I have to give?
Can my tears soothe from afar?
Can they heal or comfort
Our broken world?

When will it end?
Lives stolen
Out of control
When will it stop?

Innocent people slaughtered
The world over
Leaders choosing
War, greed, guns
Over people
NRA buying politicians
“I will protect your right to have guns. Any guns. Any guns.”
But they know not how
To protect our children
Children going to school
Picking up siblings at a home
People walking down the street
Enjoying parties, bars, churches
Time together
Gunned down.

Violence running rampant
Running free
While people are imprisoned behind walls trying to stay safe.

All races suffering
Some more than others
So much more
But we are all
The Human Race
WE weep for all
We get angry
We are confused
What can be done?
The powers that be 
In our country
Are stymied, stalemated

Political loyalty 
To an ideology
Blinding itself to the suffering
The endless tears shed

When will it stop?

Maybe, when we pause
Search our hearts
What is our role?
What gift might we bring to healing?
Remove the cynical scales of protection
The visors blocking our light
Speak for love, compassion
Shout out your, “No More!”

We must groan together
To be heard
People in power
Have you No Power?
No Courage?
No Heart?

Stand in front of these bullets.
Feel the pain,
The loss, the senseless violence.
Stand beside the children 
Stand with the mentally ill
Support, treat, make safe.

Weed the life's garden
Of this invasive violence.
It is taking over 
Choking out the good.
Pull the roots
Give room for new life.

Our tears are shed
To soothe pain
To nurture life
To acknowledge
That we are all one
In this Fragile Human Family.

We must find a way. 

2 thoughts on “Lamentations

  1. Maybe if more people speak out something will be done. Assault rifles have no place in the home or for hunting.
    It’s going to take an act of Congress to start the process. Too much lip service from our government and not enough or any action to abolish these weapons of massacre.
    Thank you for speaking out.

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  2. This is all so big and deep and fraught with hatred and desire for power. The Civil War is not over. There are now voices rising that say everyone should have a gun—any type. That a gun is used and ok to use rather than conversation, rational reasoning. Those who sanction the guns just do not care about children being murdered. So simply and bluntly put banning women’s rights creates more children to be murdered. This is the level of hatred and uncaring.


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