Seedling Choice

Oh, Happy Day! The heirloom tomato seeds have sprouted The first set of real leaves are present It’s time!! They get to stretch their branches Sink further their roots Even sprout adventitious roots As they are planted into new rich soil In their new homes. But there is angst Dwelling with joy Mingling with life.Continue reading “Seedling Choice”


The trees stand sentry Offering themselves As holders of the bodies The earth, dry and dusty, Hardened clay Or fertile soil Lies ready To receive, To embrace The boxed bodies. The flowers contribute their beauty Brightly colored Spreading scent of life Hiding ugliness of death. What do I have to give? Can my tears sootheContinue reading “Lamentations”

Little Lake Sunapee

Little Lake Sunapee The Summer of ‘22 Gently cloaked by morning mist Wisps of white float upward To the warming sun They swirl, dancing on the surface Leaving shimmering ripples to move across the lake The mist bellows as surface water evaporates Into the cool autumn like air Nearly obscuring the distant shore. Little SunapeeContinue reading “Little Lake Sunapee”