The Presence of God


God’s presence
Is here and now
It can be felt; it can be known

I felt it at the dentist
Lying back
Mouth open – stretching wide
So many hands in my mouth
So much at stake
How long can my back hold out in this position?

Time crawled forward, a half hour, an hour
Then Shannon’s body
Pressed against my arm as she worked
I felt peace, I felt reassurance
I felt the Spirit of God
In that chair
In that trying moment
I knew the presence of Light, of Love
It existed in the communion
Between the dentist and I
I would have smiled, but my mouth was full
So my heart just smiled
As by body relaxed.

I made my way out to the greenhouse
Not hard to do, as Tom lovingly keeps a path cleared for me
The air outside, well below freezing
I opened the door and stepped inside
It was a toasty 69 degrees
The sun was pouring in,
Snow enveloped the lower half of the building
I sat in my little chair
Breathing in the freshness of air
Gazing at the raised bed awaiting plants
Looking out at the trees, the blue sky
Warmed only by the sun
Protected from harsh wind
I let it all soak in
And I knew God’s healing touch
God’s presence
In the natural world

I knew Love
Sitting beside my dad as he lay dying
I was filled to bursting with the presence
Of God’s Spirit -
Maybe coming to journey dad home?
So near to God,
I knew God’s presence
In the person of my grand niece
Who let me hold her on my lap
Let me release some of the all-powerful love into her
In the passing on of the love, there is communion
There resides God.

I saw God’s love
Watching six grandchildren, great grandchildren
Carrying Dad’s body
Into the church.
With love and respect,
They honored him.
In the power of that moment
I knew God’s presence
As they walked up the stairs
Into the church
God's presence was so near -
Filling the vestibule
Filling my soul.
I knew love
In my two older grandchildren
One in each arm
As I squatted between them
Together we witnessed love, we shared love
As Dad’s body
Was carried into the church.

God’s presence
Holy Spirit
Loving Energy
Supreme Being
El Shaddai
So many names
So many faith traditions
This presence is not owned - not exclusive
But there for everyone
It is all around us and within us
If we but pause, open,
And let the knowing fill our beings
Then release that love into our world!

8 thoughts on “The Presence of God

  1. Thank you for your Crumbs for the journey and nice picture of you settling in 69 degree temperature. How did you and your tooth make out ? Peg

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  2. Everyone should find “their place” to find God; whether in a greenhouse in mid-winter, or while hiking up a challenging trail, or at 6.500′ in a Cessna Skyhawk (self-plug!), peace is needed so it can be nurtured and shared.

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  3. Yes. ??

    Elaine Rust Executive Domestic Administrator Parent/Deaf Advocate Teacher, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist BA Biology, BS Medical Technology, MA Curriculum and Instruction HQ Elementary Ed, Gifted Ed, Biology 603.573.6797 (V/T) ________________________________


  4. I love this! So eloquently written! And I love that you cannot tell the age of the Grand Niece – and that it doesn’t really matter… but I still see the 19 year old woman sitting there on your lap 🙂


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