Independence Day!

Celebrate independence, freedom
Feels a bit contrived this year
So much threatens our nation
Infighting, violence, politics, greed, disease
Nevertheless, we have survived worse
For deep within our nation
Are planted 
Seeds of democracy
The aspirations of freedom, equality, life, liberty
And the pursuit of happiness
Remain woven into the fabric of our union

Our voices must still ring out
Our hearts have much to be thankful for
Much to rejoice
As we awaken to each new day
In this, which is still, 
The land of the free 
And home of the brave

Neighbor cares for neighbor
People reach out helping hands
Across the street,
Across political, race, and gender lines
Across the pond
Across the world
Our voices must ring out in gratitude for all 
That is good
For all which we are thankful
As we awaken each day
Free to try again
To make our world
Just a little bit kinder
A little bit greener
 And a great deal more loving!

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