The Divine

To discover the divine
Seek within the mundane
 Pay attention 
To the opening of your soul
Recall moments of wonder, joy, delight, awe

Individually tumble through the sky
Hitting the water with a splash
And a circle
Moving out
Bumping against others
Individuality released
Joining into the lake 
More drops fall from heaven
As creation continues

The fluffy blonde lab arrives
Undeterred by the rain
He prances into the lake
Grinning from ear to ear
Creating a bigger circle
Disturbing the pattern
As he sends out smoother waves
In his delicious dip in the welcoming lake

The parched earth
Absorbs each drop
Destined for nearby tree roots,
Nurturing ground cover,
Filling wells as
Rain drums peacefully down
On thirsty earth

It is Creation
It is good
A gift from the divine
Embodying the divine
Feel the gratitude within

For when our hearts open in gratitude
Truly open
We are united with the divine
Our wells are filled
with love
And we can choose 
To send ripples out to our thirsty world.

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