The Divine

To discover the divine Seek within the mundane Pay attention To the opening of your soul Recall moments of wonder, joy, delight, awe Raindrops Individually tumble through the sky Hitting the water with a splash And a circle Ripples Moving out Bumping against others Individuality released Joining into the lake More drops fall from heavenContinue reading “The Divine”

Independence Day!

Celebrate independence, freedom Feels a bit contrived this year So much threatens our nation Infighting, violence, politics, greed, disease Nevertheless, we have survived worse For deep within our nation Are planted Seeds of democracy The aspirations of freedom, equality, life, liberty And the pursuit of happiness Remain woven into the fabric of our union OurContinue reading “Independence Day!”

Putting Down My Fork . . . Between Bites

Recently while eating in silence with mostly nuns I became aware that I was rushing I saw myself merely shoveling the food in As I have done for years Always hurrying to the next event. But during that meal In silence I had an awareness of the preciousness Of each moment. I became open toContinue reading “Putting Down My Fork . . . Between Bites”