Finding Life’s Balance

Struggling to maintain composure
Despite a morning of frustration
Feeling outdated
By today’s communication tools
By customer service disappointments
By System Error
After System Error
By lack of human interaction
Lack of human compassion

I go to the lake
I gaze at the water still rippling
As it has all my life
Still reflecting the bluest sky, the green leafed trees
Gentle breeze continuing to touch
Its cooling, soothing fingers
Caressing my furrowed brow,
Relaxing my scowling countenance,
Lessening the angst of disappointment,
The knife of discouragement
And the noose of fear
Fear that our world is crashing headlong
Into a place of disregard
For all that was once sacred
For each other 
And the world we inhabit

The German shepherd barks out the car window
As the vehicle pulls into the parking lot and pauses beside me
My heart races forward
Into future fear
Backward glancing at previous pain
The dog leaps out of the car
And runs to greet me in my chair
A greeting of joy not malice
He collects rocks from the peaceful lake bottom
Bringing each one to my chair
Rocks of beauty and strength
Shining with mica chips
Decorated with black veins of unknown mineral
Precious gifts nevertheless

And therein lies the balance
The joy and the fear
The delight and the disappointment
The fullness of life

The breeze continues to caress
Rippling the water’s surface
Shimmering the maple leaves as they dance in place
Bending the far reaching branches
As they so kindly shade me from the heat of mid-day


Breathing in the fresh flowing air
Now bending my page
And blowing my hair
Inhaling the scents of water, earth
Cooling my angst
Unfurling my anger


Stepping back from the edge
The world as I knew it is not over
Customer Service glitches
Merely a distraction
A measure of frustration
Blended into a bowl of precious life
 A mere measure
In my overflowing
Sweet, savory, spicy life!

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