Can COVID “ruin” Christmas?

Can war “ruin” Christmas?

Can migrants beseeching entry “ruin” Christmas?

How about the cost to heat our homes?

The dearth of the stock market?

The suffering which abounds in our world today?



The birth of Love

Love in human form

The Christ.


What can destroy love?

What can love eradicate?

Fear, suffering, evil

They chip away at love

Don’t they?


But the flame remains

Maybe deeper in hiding

Trying to protect, shield, withstand

The ravages of hardship


But always, Love can be birthed again

Love is borne

In every gentle touch

Every kind word,

Each compassionate act.



The birthing of love

Can happen

In the face of hate

It Can dispel fear

It Can offer hope.


The gifts offered

To those we love

And those in need

Can bring suffering to its knees

As tears of gratitude and love




An act

A feeling

A response

Love was given in the form of a person

On Christmas Day


Love has been reborn

Again, and again


Christmas is a reminder

To celebrate love

To celebrate hope

To rekindle our flame

And offer it to others.



Cannot be destroyed

But can be offered

To those whose vision

Is cloaked in suffering


Birth love

Find a way

To ignite your own spark

In your own way

Create Christmas

In your heart!


Merry Christmas!

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