Putting Down My Fork . . . Between Bites

Recently while eating in silence with mostly nuns I became aware that I was rushing I saw myself merely shoveling the food in As I have done for years Always hurrying to the next event. But during that meal In silence I had an awareness of the preciousness Of each moment. I became open toContinue reading “Putting Down My Fork . . . Between Bites”

Morning Light

Morning Light A fresh beginning Awash with possibilities A clean canvas On which to paint The life of my choosing A fresh beginning Yesterday’s missteps released and Warmed by the rising of today’s sun I embark upon my day A fresh beginning Each step imbued with hope Going forward into the unknown I stand onContinue reading “Morning Light”

Ocean’s Allure

  Scaling footpath up the dunes Cresting Breath paused in awe Raging waves breaking onto shore Foam residue blowing across the beach Sounds of power Music of dance Healing drumming of cascading water   Eyes fixed on the infinite horizon of ocean Icy waters surround me unannounced Frosty water filling my snow sneakers Thankful forContinue reading “Ocean’s Allure”

The Presence of God

  God’s presenceIs here and nowIt can be felt; it can be knownI felt it at the dentistLying backMouth open – stretching wideSo many hands in my mouthSo much at stakeHow long can my back hold out in this position?Time crawled forward, a half hour, an hourThen Shannon’s bodyPressed against my arm as she workedIContinue reading “The Presence of God”

Celtic Imbolc

Halfway! We made it halfway! The midpoint is here This very day marks The approach way to spring. We have endured winter’s worst The dark tunnel Of cold, grey isolation The frigid air That burns your cheeks And freezes your nose hairs The furnace running and running Dollar signs spinning As the oil tank emptiesContinue reading “Celtic Imbolc”

In This Moment

In this moment, Exist the moments of a millennia More, more than a millennia But who’s counting? In this moment, There exists The spirit of untold peoples Whose stories lie dormant Whose voices rest silent In this moment, Exists the soil of generations Raped, pillaged, Nurtured, treasured Created, destroyed The soil of our time TheContinue reading “In This Moment”