Finding Life’s Balance

Struggling to maintain composure Despite a morning of frustration Feeling outdated By today’s communication tools By customer service disappointments By System Error After System Error By lack of human interaction Lack of human compassion I go to the lake I gaze at the water still rippling As it has all my life Still reflecting theContinue reading “Finding Life’s Balance”

Truth Told in Kindness

Communication is complicated When we are one to two years We learn to talk But communicate . . . We come out howling oftentimes We gurgle with pleasure at mere weeks of age We smile and bond with others We grasp fingers with our tiny hands And we howl Not always communicating with clarity ButContinue reading “Truth Told in Kindness”

Old Friends

There is a certain comfort Found in the company Of those who knew The younger you. The laughter shared Comes from a deep well Of memories shared. The admiration felt and received Coming from a time of Potential and promise With resultant questions, “Have I disappointed?” “Have I met expectations?” Coming only from within ArisingContinue reading “Old Friends”

The Divine

To discover the divine Seek within the mundane Pay attention To the opening of your soul Recall moments of wonder, joy, delight, awe Raindrops Individually tumble through the sky Hitting the water with a splash And a circle Ripples Moving out Bumping against others Individuality released Joining into the lake More drops fall from heavenContinue reading “The Divine”

Independence Day!

Celebrate independence, freedom Feels a bit contrived this year So much threatens our nation Infighting, violence, politics, greed, disease Nevertheless, we have survived worse For deep within our nation Are planted Seeds of democracy The aspirations of freedom, equality, life, liberty And the pursuit of happiness Remain woven into the fabric of our union OurContinue reading “Independence Day!”


Beautiful Tranquil Peaceful Unreal images of reality The reflection of the sun Shimmering on the glass surface Of the early morning lake Is exquisite The silver sparkles spread across the water Flickering as tiny ripples emerge The reflection of the sun is beautiful But it shares no warmth The pine tree stands sentry at water’sContinue reading “Image~Reflection”

Dancing with Joy!

Soul stirring Heart overflowing Joy Joy surging from every pore Swinging arms in gleeful awe Smile broadcast from cheek to cheek Head thrown back with outrageous joy. The black lab emerged, obediently, from the car Every movement controlled looking to his human for release she nodded ascent and his joy erupted! His tail wagged inContinue reading “Dancing with Joy!”