Independence Day!

Celebrate independence, freedom Feels a bit contrived this year So much threatens our nation Infighting, violence, politics, greed, disease Nevertheless, we have survived worse For deep within our nation Are planted Seeds of democracy The aspirations of freedom, equality, life, liberty And the pursuit of happiness Remain woven into the fabric of our union OurContinue reading “Independence Day!”


Beautiful Tranquil Peaceful Unreal images of reality The reflection of the sun Shimmering on the glass surface Of the early morning lake Is exquisite The silver sparkles spread across the water Flickering as tiny ripples emerge The reflection of the sun is beautiful But it shares no warmth The pine tree stands sentry at water’sContinue reading “Image~Reflection”

Dancing with Joy!

Soul stirring Heart overflowing Joy Joy surging from every pore Swinging arms in gleeful awe Smile broadcast from cheek to cheek Head thrown back with outrageous joy. The black lab emerged, obediently, from the car Every movement controlled looking to his human for release she nodded ascent and his joy erupted! His tail wagged inContinue reading “Dancing with Joy!”

Bridging the Chasm

While on a writer’s retreat Meeting with creative, intelligent people Engaging in meaningful discussion I met a lovely young woman. As I sat with this woman, warning bells clanged She spoke of her beliefs She spoke of her pain of isolation and rejection And of suffering caused by others’ judgments of her. Her beliefs wereContinue reading “Bridging the Chasm”

Good Friday Lamentation

  Good Friday Christians around the world Recall the crucifixion of Christ The day is sad, woeful A sense of lingering doom Clouds the day As Death is anticipated   It is not always that way I have sat beside many people As they stand watch Their loved one approaching death They remain alert inContinue reading “Good Friday Lamentation”